Color Ideas with Swarovski Crystal Beads for Summer 2013

Summer is almost upon us and here at Eureka we’ve identified four color trends for Summer 2013 using Swarovski Crystal Beads and Pearls that work beautifully together for all your summer jewelry designing.


Aztec Treasure uses cool blues evoking the waters of the tropics, highlighted with blazing oranges like a sunset.

Cool as Ice is a white on white palette of stunning clarity and an essential component of the high contrast trend for the summer.

Afternoon Picnic livens up the color of the year, Emerald with refreshing coral pinks for a pretty pop of color perfect for the summer sun.

Summer Sunset picks out the raw oranges and lively pinks of the early evening sky for eye catching jewelry that glints like sunlight.

Check out the full 2013 Swarovski Color Charts here.

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