Swarovski Discontinuations

3mm Rose Water Opal AB2X – discontinued.

Because we are an official Swarovski dealer here at Eureka, we are privy to the lists of items that Swarovski will be discontinuing. We want to pass that information on to you so that you can be prepared when your favorite color or finish is suddenly unavailable. In order to clarify the latest changes in Swarovski’s crystal bead line, we’ve made this handy list.

In 5000 Rounds all colors of 2mm beads will no longer be manufactured except for Crystal, finishes on Crystal like AB, Golden Shadow, Silver Shade, Copper, Moonlight, Jet and Fuchsia.

In 5328 Bicones all colors of 2.5mm beads except for Crystal, finishes on Crystal and Jet.

3mm Dark Indigo Ab2X – discontinued.
3mm Peridot AB2X – discontinued.

In 5328 Bicones 3mm  all  AB2X colors  except for Crystal AB2X, Jet AB2X, Jet Hematite 2X, Jet Nut2X as well as many AB finishes on colors.

In 5328 Bicones in 4mm some colors are discontinued,  some AB and some AB2X.

In 5328 Bicones in 6mm all AB2X colors except for Crystal AB2X, Jet AB2X, Jet Hematite 2X and Jet Nut 2X.

In 5328 Bicones in 8mm all AB2X colors are discontinued except for Jet Hematite 2X. Also discontinued are:  Crystal Copper and Crystal Luminous Green. And all  colors with  AB  finish except for Crystal AB, Jet AB,  Light Rose AB and Rose AB. Also discontinued are all colors with satin finish.

3mm Sun AB2X – discontinued.

So there you have it. Everything listed as discontinued will no longer be manufactured by Swarovski and you will only be able to get any of these items for a limited time before suppliers run out of their stockpiles.

At Eureka we still have many of these colors and finishes available for purchase but will be unable to restock the items once they are sold out. If you need any of these discontinued beads for a project make sure to order them right away before they’re gone for good!

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  1. Jill says:

    Do you know when we will start feeling the effects of the discontinuations?

    1. We can’t be sure. We know the they will no longer be manufactured so it all depends on how much stock is out there already. We have a lot but demand is also high. Check our website to see what is available now: http://www.eurekacrystalbeads.com/catalog/beads-swarovski-elements

  2. Jill says:

    Some of the places I get crystals have #5301. What about bicones #5301, do the same discontinuations apply?

    1. Yes. The 5328 Xilion cut bicones replaced the 5301 bicones. The 5301 are no longer made and the ones that are still available for purchase are stock that has been sitting around for years.

    2. Hi Jill, 5301 has been discontinued same time ago and replaced by 5328. Same thing applies. Some quantities in 5301 still exist, but there is a lot of Preciosa sold as Swarovski in that cut. Buy from a reliable source which has a Create Your Style licence from Swarovski displayed on the sebsite. You may see it at our website at the bottom of the HP.

  3. Maria Alvarado says:

    I’m very disapointed, why Swarovski is doing this?, 90% of my projects I do it with AB2X’s and AB’s bicones, I used all the sizes, this is a very bad news.

  4. Ilaria says:

    Will do, thanks!

  5. Where we say many are discontinued it’s because we still don’t know which ones will be and which ones won’t be. Keep checking back and we’ll post more information as we get it!

  6. Ilaria says:

    Hi! The links now work, they simply led to non-existing pages before.
    Where you say “many” or “some” colors will be discontinued, is there a way to know exactly which ones?
    I’m still in disbelief, I can’t get over this terrible news 😦

  7. antonella says:

    I’m really disappointed. I can’t understand why Swarovski is doing this.

  8. Bonnie says:

    When I use the 4mm link it looks like it is showing ALL 4 mm, including brand new ones, not just the discontinued ones? Or are they really discontinuing that many!??! Thanks, Bon

    1. Yes the 4mm link goes to our 4mm bicone page because we don’t know which ones will be discontinued as of right now. Check back often as we will be updating once we know more.

  9. Hi Ilaria, which links are you unable to click? Did you try disabling the popup blocker on your browser?

    We’re really not sure why Swarovski has decided to do it. Lots of those colors are very popular!

  10. Ilaria says:

    Hey guys, I can’t open the links. This is really a terrible news, personally I can’t live, for example, without Turquoise ab2x beads!

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