Products for Summer Color Inspiration!

Hello Friends! Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads with another blog for you.

As the start of summer officially approaches, weather here in lil’ Rhode Island is getting hotter and more humid. School’s are getting out and pools are opened, beaches are getting packed and grills are smoking with burgers and hot dogs. Ahhh summer in New England!

Even with all the hubbub going on, we beaders simply must find our time to bead – so with that, I wanted to give you some inspiration for some hot summer colors sure to get your fingers-a-beadin’!



My first pick for summer color fun is our Coordinated Bead mix “Hot Sky” – and the color that specially gets me excited is that super intense HOT HOT pink seed bead on the far left of the second image! To see it in person is simply electrifying. Click the link to check out all of our coordinated bead mixes but this particular one is sure to stop you in your tracks.

Hot Sky Coord Mix

Deep Blue Sea


Next up is our 2-hole Superduo mix “Deep Blue Sea!” This mix of colors makes me want to just jump into a tropical lagoon (or the neighbors pool!) to cool of under the sizzling sun. The intensity of some of these blues is stunning, especially that bright teal metallic!



deep summer field


If 1-hole beads appeal to you, our 4mm Firepolish mix “Deep Summer Field” may be just what you’re looking for to create a lovely summer project. Vivid berries and bright olives, shimmery rosey pinks and creams all come together to create this mix that hopefully remind you of its namesake!



Last but certainly not least are some utterly breathtaking 12mm Swarovski Crystal Rivolis in outstanding custom coatings we were able to obtain!! They are all on a white opal backdrop so they feature a lovely haziness coupled with intense color schemes! These should be considered special-edition and may not always be available to us. Grab ’em while they’re hot!!

  1. 12mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli / White Opal Volcano
  2. 12mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli / White Opal Electra
  3. 12mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli / White Opal Golden Sahara
  4. 12mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli / White Opal Heavy Light Vitrail
  5. 12mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli / White Opal Medium Vitrail


Ok folks, until next time…  Stay cool and keep beading!!


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